Matt W.

Matt W. is a researcher/artist/writer

who has dwelt in digital analogues

since the early nineties.

He is a mobile games review editor for an

Android startup in San Francisco (

Matt has pursued academic studies in cognitive and developmental science (both in the assessment and treatment of affective disorders and developmental delays),

literary traditions (19th century poetics, post-post-modernism),

and neurotheology (Zen in a clinical neuroscience context).

Matt has established his blog,

WickedCultured, as a converging point of his interests, experiences, and literary projects. He is foremost a poet, in the Plathetic vein, but he is an accomplished editor.

He is neither wholly Wicked nor ridiculously Cultured,

and his character alignment is Neutral.

PST to

with any enquiries or comments.

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